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"Mien Me" is an ongoing project that I have started in late 2015 and is based on my earlier work where I have used high speed film to document people around me in a nonintrusive way. 

Most people in my work are strangers and I often only get a brief moment of interaction. I am interested in the relationship between people and their every-day environment, how we fit into this world, metaphorically and literally speaking. 

The work happens naturally, but most of the pictures are reenactments of something seen at that very moment. An instant that is slightly staged there and then only, blurring the line between documentary and purely set up photography. I like to portray the people I photograph as intimate as possible and show what the person radiates naturally, reflecting an identity based on my observation.

My work has been shown in various exhibitions in Zurich and New York. Do get in touch with me for portrait, editorial and advertising assignments. I am currently based in Paris, France.




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